Improving Your Home Energy Efficiency


Saving Energy Is Easier Than You Think

To many homeowners, energy efficiency is a way of life. Saving energy is a critical aspect of living an environmentally friendly life and lower bills? Well, they’re just a bonus. To help you reach your energy goals, the team at Domco Plumbing has decided to let you in on three of our favorite energy-saving secrets. These three tips will help you lower your energy use in a few simple steps and maybe even help you shave a few numbers off of your electric bill!

Tip Number One: Upgrade To Energy Efficient Appliances

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but so many people ignore it. Sure, the initial cost of a new appliance can seem daunting, but believe us when we tell you that you’ll save money! How? Simple. Top appliances brands work tirelessly to improve the energy efficiency of their units because they know it’s a big selling point. That means that the washing machine that comes out next year is practically guaranteed to be more energy efficient than even last year’s model!

Now, imagine that your current washing machine is ten years old or older. Suppose the energy efficiency gap can grow in as little as a year. In that case, your existing appliances are guzzling energy compared to their new models. That’s not even considering all the energy-wasting issues your devices have developed throughout their lifetime! Even a low-end model of today could compete and outperform the high-end model of yesterday.

Tip Number Two: Seals

We’re not condoning using innocent seal labor as an alternate energy source. Instead, we refer to the seal on your doors, windows, HVAC system, and other locations. While most homeowners overlook these simple components, seals help the rest of your appliances work better. For example, if the connections in your air ducts are solid and sealed, your system will work efficiently. Otherwise, your HVAC system will have to work extra hard to move climate-controlled air from place to place. Likewise, good seals on your doors and windows are critical to keeping your home’s internal temperature.

However, seals don’t just help improve your home’s climate control efficiency.

When you ensure that the seals in your plumbing system are doing their job, you’re protecting your home from leaks. This saves you money on water heating costs, but it can also save you the hassle of having to repair water damage! While it may seem difficult at first, making changes like these will make a big difference over time, and your work will pay for itself.

Tip Number Three: Improve Your Plumbing Fixtures

Much like your appliances, plumbing fixtures are constantly improving. With freshwater becoming more of a commodity lately, saving water will help us in the long run. The easiest and most effective way to save water is to replace your existing plumbing fixtures with low-flow ones. Plumbing fixtures such as showerheads, faucets, and toilets all have low-flow versions that can save you gallons of water a day over conventional ones. Some can even be adjusted to suit individual users’ preferences.

You can also consider a tankless water heater. Instead of keeping water hot around the clock, these units produce hot water right on the spot.  This change in operation uses much less energy. The energy-saving on these models alone is enough reason to trade in your old systems!

Unsure How Much Energy You Are Wasting?

Implementing these three simple improvements can lead to energy savings and add value to your home. You may be wondering whether your home is wasting much energy right now. Fortunately, we can help you out today by offering to inspect your home’s plumbing system. Our highly-rated company can also help get some of these new appliances installed in your home today if you ask us right now. So if you are considering improving your home’s energy efficiency, call us.