Valentines Day Plumbing Tips

Valentine's Day Plumbing tips
Valentine’s Day is but a short month away! If you’ve decided that this is the year you are going to home cook your significant other a meal, we admire your bravery and we’re envious that you’ll get to miss the crowds at restaurants. A little preparation leading up to Valentine’s day can help avoid a plumbing disaster the day of which will definitely kill the romantic mood. With these easy steps, you can avoid problems the day of.

  • Fix minor leaks – Take the time you have left before Valentine’s day to hunt down leaks and get them fixed. Nothing will kill the mood like mold and water damage to your home.
  • Check your pipe insulation – Inexpensive pipe insulation from your local hardware store can lower the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting. Considering how expensive fixing broken pipes is the small cost of insulation is a smart move. Insulating your pipes can decrease heat loss as hot water travels through your pipes which can save you money on utilities as well which means you have more money to spend on your honey.
  • Know where your water shut off valve is – If you’re frantically Googling “where is a water shutoff valve located” while a pipe is dumping gallons of water into your home you have already lost the battle against your water lines. Take a little time to find your shut off valve and make sure that it still works before you desperately need it. Nothing will put a damper on your evening more than having to mop up a flooded room instead of enjoying your dinner.


Still Need Help? Call Us!

If you still run into a plumbing issue on Valentine’s Day, don’t let it ruin your evening. You can give our 24-hour plumbers here at Domco Plumbing and we’ll have your plumbing problem fixed and your evening back on track. We really hope that you don’t need us this time though and that you enjoy your Valentine’s Day!