Leak Detection

Domco Plumbing leak detection, uses state of the art crossover technologies to solve your subsurface problems.
Domco Plumbing constantly tests and reviews all new electronics for accuracy and cost effectiveness.
Ground Penetrating radar, correlating data loggers, Computerized correlators, small and large sonde transmitters for deep locations of nonmetallic piping, locatable video inspection heads, fire loop leak locations, all utilities can be located with one or more of these technologies.
Small Leaks in extremely noisy locations can be located using our ultra sensitive methods designed for small and large leak locations.
Pipeline pressure test failures for new and old installations can be located using various gas injection technologies.
Accurate leak locations, utility location service, leak detection service, video inspection service, ground penetrating radar, 24 hour correlating data loggers, fire protection system leaks, leak detection surveys, water audits, natural gas leak surveys and training all performed by seasoned subsurface technicians throughout the Sacramento Area.
Domco Plumbing is a leak detection service company that adds to and innovates new methods and procedures for water and gas leak detection all inclusive utility location with ground penetrating radar locatable transmitters variable wattage magnetometers please call for a solution to your subsurface problem today.