What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is the process of removing impurities and chemicals to get clean distilled water.
It is pretty simple to understand how it works.
It is similar to a water filtration system, except that it works by using pressure to force the water through a membrane.
Water molecules are allowed to pass through leaving the harmful impurities behind.
Reverse osmosis dates back to the 1970s, where it is used for heavy industrial to remove the impurities from their water source.
Back then, it was easy to remove the chemicals in the water as technology was at it’s infant stage.
However, along the decades, mankind invented various kinds of chemicals such as herbicide, pesticide and other harmful chemicals with smaller molecules.
And they are now able to seep through the membrane.

Why Do We Need Distilled Water?

* Our drinking tap water is processed by water treatment plants and other chemicals before reaching our Sacramento homes.
* Other trace minerals, which are beneficial to our body are added in also.
Along the way, in the metal pipes, to our homes, the water picks up other sediments, undesired bacteria and chemicals, which might have slipped in through the pipes, and makes the water dirty and unhealthy again.

How Reverse Osmosis Works

A water filtration system, using the reverse osmosis process, is installed in our homes to weed out the harmful bacteria that exist in our water supply and to obtain clean drinking water.
Water filtration using the older technology, removes other health beneficial trace minerals, that are in the water.
With the newer technology, beneficial trace minerals are allowed to pass through the membrane, leaving the other harmful chemicals and particles behind and leaving you healthy drinking water.
Domco plumbing has a large range of water filtration and purification systems for you to choose from.
It is important that while sourcing for a whole house reverse osmosis system, your water filtration system is able to block almost 99.89% of the harmful bacteria.