Our Sacramento toilet repair experts understand that the toilet is one of the most frequently used plumbing fixtures in the household.
In many residences, there is more than one toilet.
With constant use, it is also liable to cause plumbing problems which require immediate attention.
Offering you the most professional plumbing services, your expert Domco plumber can help you out with any Sacramento toilet-related issue, and offer you useful tips which might assist you in tackling some of these problems yourself.

How Does Your Toilet in Sacramento Work

It may first be helpful for you to know your toilet operates, and what parts make up this device.
When you push the toilet handle, a chain is pulled which in turn releases the flush valve in the tank.
The valve floats away, revealing a small drain hole through which approximately 2 gallons of flow rapidly, dropping into the bowl.
When the tank is emptied, the flush valve once more assumes its position at the bottom of the tank.
The rapid flow and vast quantities of water activate the siphon in the bowl, which in fact sucks both the water and the waste matter down the drain.
The fall of the water level in the tank is accompanied by the fall of the filler float.
As it drops, it turns on the refill valve.
The water which flows through the refill valve fill up the tank and the bowl.
Once the tank is refilled the float rises again, and as it gets to the required level, the refill valve is turned off.
In case the refill valve keeps working, the overflow tube, which is also located inside the tank, prevents flooding.
The simultaneous operation of these various devices allows your toilet to function smoothly and properly.

Sacramento Toilet Replacement and Installation

Replacing old toilets and installing new ones are also projects you can easily tackle, by simply following a few basic steps:
1. Disconnect the water supply by turning off the shutoff valve next to the toilet.
2. Pull out the water line from the tank. Attach a new line to the new tank.
3. Empty both the old tank and the old bowl before you remove them.
4. Using a wrench, take out all existing nuts and bolts and fasten new ones to the relevant toilet parts.

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