Signs Of A Sewer Problem

Sometimes, a problem with your lines isn’t as apparent as your sewage backing up.

Sewer line issues are not always easy to spot in your home because they hide from sight. If you’re particularly unlucky, you may have to wait until raw sewage is squirting up through your drains before realizing you have a problem.

However, a handful of common signs could point to a problem with your sewer line. Your home has several ways of showing you wrong, from mold to sagging lawns. Let Domco Plumbing help you recognize a failing sewer line before it becomes a significant problem.

Are Your Drains Constantly Clogged?

When dealing with a clog in your pipes, your first instinct may be to pour a bottle of cleaner down your drain and call it a day. However, if several of your home’s drains constantly suffer from clogs, those chemicals will not be very effective. Constant clogs may signify that your sewage is dangerously close to backing up.

Moreover, if you find that the water in your sinks is draining slower or your pipes are filling your home with a foul stench, a broken sewer pipe may be to blame. Instead of being obstructed by a clog, your wastewater may have nowhere to go! With no outlet, your waste will eventually get back into your home. If you believe yourself experiencing this problem, you will need sewer repair to fix the problem.

Is Your Home Falling Apart?

You clean your home until it is spotless. However, no matter how much you try, you still notice that your home rapidly deteriorates. Believe it or not, your problems may come from your sewer line.

A broken sewer main allows pests to make their way into your home and can also damage your home’s foundation. By saturating the area under your home, a problem with your sewer line could cause your home’s foundation to sag or even crack. In addition, the excess moisture resulting from a broken pipe can also cause mold to grow in your home’s walls!

Is Your Lawn Thriving?

Suppose your lawn is suddenly verdant and lush despite having done absolutely nothing to it. In that case, your sewer main may have something to do it. The waste that flows through your pipes is rich in nutrients that your lawn needs to grow. As a result, if your sewer line is seeping into your yard, you may notice its color and growth. At least, at first.

Suppose your sewage leak is large or unchecked. Your lawn will eventually begin to sag in the areas where the seepage is most prominent. In extreme situations, the ground directly above the crack in your pipe may become saturated entirely with sewage. Once this happens, you will notice excess waste pooling atop the soil.

Sewer Line Repair Could Save Your Home

If you notice these signs, your home may be in serious trouble. Once mold has infested your home, it may be releasing harmful mycotoxins into your air! Not to mention that a sagging foundation may make your home dangerous or even wholly unlivable.

Before that happens, don’t hesitate to call Domco Plumbing! We can assess both the condition of your sewer main and the extent to which it has damaged your home. We can then begin to recommend solutions tailored to your home. So if you think your sewer line may be damaged, contact us today!

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