Why You Shouldn’t Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

water flowing down the drain
That bottle of drain cleaner that sits on the shelf at the hardware store promising to take care of your drain clogs without having to call a plumber sure is tempting. Unfortunately, it’s lying to you. It is nothing more than a band-aid solution that could do more harm than good. We’ll give you four reasons that you should swear off chemical drain cleaners for good and call a plumber instead.

1. Drain Cleaners Contain Toxic Chemicals

Chemicals in drain cleaners are highly toxic, and this is especially true of the off-brand and inexpensive varieties. The fumes they put off are harmful if inhaled, and if they get on your skin will sting and irritate your nose and eyes. The fumes will hang around long after the chemical was also used.

2. Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Damage Your Pipes

The chemicals in drain cleaners have to be strong enough to dissolve hair and other blockages, which means they are strong enough to harm your pipes. The main ingredient in most chemical drain cleaners is hydrochloric acid, which will damage your pipes as it sits in them to remove the blockage and damage enamel and other expensive finishes.

3. Chemicals in Drain Cleaners are Bad for the Environment

The leftover chemicals in bottles are likely to end up in landfills and can seep into groundwater. If you have a septic system, using chemical drain cleaners means introducing harmful chemicals to your own groundwater source.

4. Drain Cleaners Don’t Always Work

The cause of your plumbing backup might not be something that a chemical drain cleaner is capable of fixing, which means that you will have wasted money and now have gallons of toxic chemicals sitting in your pipes. The next time you have a backup, skip the drain cleaners and call a professional.

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